As a result of my previous life as a wage slave for a large multinational, I had no shortage of opportunities to organise travel and visas. Not just for me as an individual, but for (variously) my wife and me as a couple, our family of four, and for my individual kids as they grew up and started traveling independently.

So at various times I have had to use/arrange Schengen visa waivers (of course!), bilateral visa waivers in Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, study visas in France and the Netherlands, Working Holiday visas in Belgium and the Netherlands, 3 month Schengen visa extensions in Spain, 6-month tourist visas in France, one-year long visas in Germany, Irish passports by ancestry, and EU spousal residency in Italy.

No claim to being an expert here, but I feel I know the pain of those who are trying to navigate the Schengen mess. Read More

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