Crowd Funded Projects

Bilateral Visa Waivers in Italy Many Border Officials are unaware or unwilling to recognize the Bilateral visa waivers. Euro-nomads are not in a position to argue their case and many Euro-nomads are not willing to risk refusal of entry, detainment or missed flights Read More

VAT and Residency Relief from the whopping 20% Value-Added Tax is possible for temporary importation by non-EU Residents. But the definition of non-EU Resident is vague and applied differently by each EU country. Read More

Future Projects include

Medical Insurance for Visas CANZUKUS Euro-nomads face difficulties with finding affordable medical insurance that satisfies EU requirements for long-term visas. This crowd funding project will be used to source and negotiate low(er)-cost insurance options that recognize existing bilateral social security arrangements already in place in many Schengen countries.

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